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Biofield Tuning

I use sound to help you relax, breathe, remove blockages and correct your energetic flow.

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Check out upcoming events, retreats and workshops both online and in-person for Biofield Tuning and Cacao. 


An online healing space that offers live Biofield Tuning and Cacao Ceremonies, and unlimited access to recorded sessions, discounts and more.

Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is a plant medicine that will help boost your energy, invoke feelings of love, joy, happiness and excitement. Ideal to naturally uplift your mood and spirit.

Hi, I'm Niamh O'Brien.

Welcome to my online world, Biofield Tuning and Ceremonial Grade Cacao. The healing that I offer elegantly combines science and spirituality. I believe in both medical and energy medicine. People call me “intuitive, trustworthy and a magician with tuning forks”, but I am also a nature lover, festival-goer and adventure seeker. 

I studied Physiotherapy in London and later worked in Abu Dhabi for almost 8 years. Through my own healing journey I discovered a sound therapy method, Biofield Tuning. After experiencing the profound healing that came from Biofield Tuning, I began to study this cutting-edge healing modality myself.

Now, I’m here to share Biofield Tuning with you, whether you are experiencing health issues or simply seeking a restorative, relaxing, yet energising experience.

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