Distance 1:1 Biofield Tuning Session


Duration: 60 minutes.

Biofield Tuning works on a level of vibration and not physical matter, therefore I don’t have to be present with you for it to have an effect. The information I find in your electromagnetic energy field is consistent and predictable, regardless of distance. I have conducted hundreds of distance sessions and always yield the same result.

During the session you will lie down comfortably, allowing the sound to ripple throughout your body. Starting from the time you were in your mum’s womb and working all the way up until your current age, releasing pockets of energy that perhaps you didn’t even know you had left behind. I will relay back to you at approximately what age I’m uncovering stuck energy from your lifetime, you won’t have to say anything, the sound will release the energy.

Biofield Tuning is a form of energy medicine, also known as vibrational healing. I use sound (vibrations) to penetrate your body, breaking up stuck electricity in your electromagnetic field . After sessions clients report feeling calmer, energised, lighter, more patient and can break old habits.

Note: I don’t recommend this for anyone pregnant, active cancer, terminal illness, recent concussion, pacemaker because moving energy in your body can be tiring.


60 minutes


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