In-person Group Biofield Tuning @The Yurt


Biofield Tuning is a sound healing therapy that helps you to relax your mind and body. I will be using sound to change the way you’re thinking and feeling. The vibrations from the tuning forks automatically changes your brain wave state so your thoughts will slow down and the busyness will effortlessly fall away. You’ll become clearer and brighter! ⁣

During this session you will lie down comfortably, allowing the sound to penetrate your body, you won’t have to say or do anything. I will use tuning forks to locate areas of “stuckness” in your energy system. I will then help you to remove static energy, balance your emotions and correct your energetic flow.

I trust that you will leave feeling energised with a greater sense of lightness and perhaps gaining deeper insights and understandings of your-self.

This experience is open to all walks of life with all levels of experience. I don’t recommend this for anyone pregnant, active cancer, terminal illness, recent concussion, pacemaker because moving energy in your body can be tiring.