Online Wednesday, March 22nd | Biofield Tuning special event | Chakra clearing


Excitingly every planet in the sky apart from 3 are changing zodiac signs this month, March 2023. 5 planets are changing signs in 8.5 days between 16th and 25th of March.

Big changes are unfolding and I’m here to support your electric body aka your energy body. You are not separate from nature, the sky, the moon or anything. We are all swimming in a sea of electricity. Changing planets means changing electric bodies – you are changing whether you’re aware and noticing the shifts or not.

On Wednesday, March 22nd I am offering this special Biofield Tuning session to anchor your Earth and Sun stars so you feel balanced in your feminine and masculine energies. We will balance the energy wheels of your body. I will use sound to open, flow and enhance the vital life force down the front and the back side of your energy wheels (chakras).

Why? This will support you to feel strong in your body, feeling strong in your mind, feeling emotionally stable, feeling well, healthy, light and vibrant.

Where: zoom online

⁣Date: Wednesday, March 22nd

Time: ⁣8pm – 9pm (Irish standard time)

Recording: The recording will be available for 7 days, you can listen to it as often as you like within those 7 days.

If you have any questions or would like to know more information please do get in touch!

Warmest wishes,

Niamh x 

This is not advised for individuals who are currently pregnant, active cancer, terminal illness, recent concussion or pacemaker.⁣


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