Sacred Circle with Niamh and Sara-Jayne


Niamh and Sara-Jayne invite you to join them in a Sacred Circle

The Yurt, Co.Kildare, R14KF70.

⁣Saturday, December 17th

⁣10am – 2pm


⁣This is for you, if you are interested in;

Releasing all that no longer serves you and allowing the Light in

Finding inner peace and moving forward in life with gratitude

Coming to a place of reverence & understanding of Self

Deepening your connection to your Heart and your Soul

Opening and activating your chakra energy centres

Ceremonial Cacao is a medicine that will gently guide you from your head down into your heart. Allowing you to effortlessly slow down your mental thoughts and listen to the whispers of your soul. Cacao helps you to open and activate your vital life force so you feel open, expanded and brimming with energy. ⁣⁣

Biofield Tuning is a unique sound healing therapy where Niamh uses sound to penetrate your body, clearing old energetic patterns from the past so you can come more into alignment with the person you are today.

Sound and energy healing: our voices are important healing instruments and your voice deserves to be heard. Sara-Jayne will offer healing through the tone, texture, sound, and vibration of her voice. Hands on healing will also be offered.

Channelling Sara-Jayne will deliver messages direct to you from the Higher Power Energies that want to connect to you. These messages are deeply healing and enlightening, there will be individual and collective guidance offered throughout the Sacred Circle Ceremony.

If your heart is saying YES to this experience, then follow the feeling and join us for this special Christmas event.

Warmest wishes

Niamh & Sara-Jayne x

Biofield tuning may create a healing detox and is not advised for individuals who are currently pregnant, active cancer, recent concussion, terminally ill or pacemaker. 


The Yurt, Co.Kildare, R14KF70

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