Summer Solstice Light Within


Niamh and Celine invite you to join them on Saturday, June 17th to awaken your light and celebrate the Summer Solstice.

The Summer Solstice (Litha, South, Fire) marks the longest day of the year, the Sun reaches its peak in the sky. This is an extra special doorway opportunity for you to delve into your own summer energy, open your heart, revel your innate light and bring it into your everyday life.

Niamh and Celine will support you to access your inner star light, embody your strength, feel your summery passion and celebrate your wins!

Through ancient rituals and our own knowledge we will be offering a full day including;

-Radiant Heart Yoga

-Cacao Ceremony

-Biofield Tuning

-Healing with sacred oils

-Guided Relaxation

-Light Activation

-Light Vegan Lunch

Allow your cells be rejuvenated and your love to over flow with Radiant Heart Yoga and Light Activation. Let your energy field be cleared and your emotions be balanced with Biofield Tuning. Welcoming in the nourishing love from mama cacao as she expands your heart and supports your visionary landscape. Be nourished with a tasty vegan lunch. Leave feeling grounded with guided meditation. Connect to the power of group work and make deep connections with like-minded individuals.

This day is for you if you desire to open your heart, embody your summer strength, feel alive and be inspired.

Where: Forest Research Center, Hollywood, Wicklow, W91W2Y6

When: Saturday, June 17th

⁣Time: ⁣10am – 5pm

We are so looking forward to this powerful Summer Solstice day retreat and we hope you can join us in the warm magic! Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions or concerns. We’re available to chat!

This invitation is for every-body. If you are new to all of this or you have a daily practice, male, female or other, you are welcome to join us.

Big warm hugs,

Niamh and Celine x 


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